flexible payment plans

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Nov 082013

Living in a very tight financial world has forced some people to make hard decisions to stay afloat. One of these decisions is to forego paying their auto insurance premiums because the hassle of keeping up with late payment penalties can weigh down their budget substantially. When these individuals are involved in auto accidents they soon find that their decisions can bury not only them, but their families as well.

Understanding the concerns of their clients, dedicated insurance companies such as IFA Insurance Companies have taken notice of this all-too-often trend among hardworking automobile drivers. Instead of berating these individuals, IFA Insurance Company and other insurance coverage providers are taking a pro-active approach to combating this growing concern. These companies have worked diligently to create flexible payment plans that work with their clients’ needs, alleviating the burden of late payment penalties that are weighing down their clients. Continue reading »

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Calculate the Cost to Ship a Car Fast on the National Transport Site

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Apr 262013

Calculating the Cost of Shipping a Car: Where You Can Go Online
Are you interested in shipping your car to another part of the world? Or, maybe you’re planning a move soon to another area of the country. Perhaps you’re a vacationer who needs your car shipped to your vacation destination. Then again, maybe you’re an online auto vendor who is interested in using a shipper for a car that you just sold. So, where can you go online to quickly calculate the cost to ship a car? If you visit nationaltransportllc.com online, you can obtain a quote in a flash. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions.
Online Quote Details: What You’ll Need
The online quote form and calculator is located at the top left of the website. Simply check off whether or not the vehicle is running and the preferred mode of shipment (enclosed or open). Next, input the vehicle make and model and the pickup and delivery destinations.
You Can Schedule Shipments Online as Well
Once you provide these details, click on a button at the bottom of the form which will give you the quoted price. This quote will be good for seven days. Once you receive a quote, you can schedule shipment, ask that the quote be emailed to you, or call the company’s 800 number for further information.
The Only Site You’ll Need to Visit
When you consider the quoted price, you’ll also want to look at the record of the mover in the auto shipping industry. The nationaltransportllc.com site is the only site you’ll need to visit as the company is not only rated A+, it also has been given a 5-star ranking by TransportReviews.com.
Making Price Comparisons: Look at the Listed Services
Of course, that being said, you can also compare the quote you receive with the prices offered by other auto movers. While some auto shippers may be cheaper, you may also be sacrificing quality and reliability too. For example, does the shipper you’re considering offer such amenities as:
• Free tracking of your shipment
• Free insurance
• Quick delivery
• Shipment of both runnable and non-runnable vehicles
• Shipment of RVs, boats, motorcycles, and collector cars

A Top-of-the-Line Shipping Provider with Top-of-the-Line Benefits
National Transport does provide the above-mentioned benefits. So, take that into consideration when you’re comparing their price and services with other shippers online. You may find that some shipping costs are lower but you also have to look at the reputation and standing of the company too. Top-of-the-line service is important when shipping a vehicle, RV, motorcycle, or boat.

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Secondhand Accessories

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Apr 052013

Having a motorcycle or motorbike could really save your time during the rush hour traffic and it is pretty normal for some people to dress up or modify their motorcycle to make it stand out from the rest of the motorcycles. Speaking about accessories, it is no longer a secret that buying new accessories will be very expensive and it is better to buy the secondhand version because not only it is affordable, but it is also serves the same function. Continue reading »

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